Black Wind Chapter 3 – The Upper Dantian

Chapter Three: The Upper Dantian

By Varler


“I woke up lying in the Silent Forest.  I couldn’t remember anything other than my name and how to fight.”  Black Wind leaves out how he remembered where he came from, since that’s a detail that might add more suspicion.  “I didn’t know where I was or anything, so I just started walking.  I eventually arrived here by following the stream.”  There are a few inconsistencies with his story, such as why his clothes were clean when he arrived to town if he’d been laying in the forest, but thankfully it seems like no one thinks to call them out.

“Excuse me Mr. Black Wind, but we need a moment to talk.  Would you mind heading to the next room for a bit?”  Chief Abney stands and leads Black Wind to the door leading to the kitchen.  As he doesn’t have much of a choice, Black Wind follows him.  They are obviously planning to discuss how to deal with a suspicious character such as him. Continue reading “Black Wind Chapter 3 – The Upper Dantian”

Black Wind Chapter 3 – The Upper Dantian