Black Wind Chapter 6 – Second Soul

Chapter Six: Second Soul

By Varler


Torben leans against the wall and slowly collapses to the ground.  Now that he is out of danger, his legs no longer have the strength to stand.  He takes a deep breath in and lets his eyes wander about the bloody scene in front of him.  Although he’s had his own fair share of battles and bloodshed in the past, Torben still has to fight the bile from rising up in his throat.  His face pale, he looks over at the war god standing in front of him.

Black Wind stands there, hand to his forehead, thinking.  The person he was before wouldn’t have so easily slaughtered those bandits.  At most, he would have killed the leader and a few others and scared the rest of them off.  But now, a peculiar bloodlust came over him, making him lose control.  But the whole experience makes him feel oddly refreshed, as though a shackle was thrown off.  This scares him. Continue reading “Black Wind Chapter 6 – Second Soul”

Black Wind Chapter 6 – Second Soul