Black Wind Chapter 4 – Celestial Blessing

Chapter Four: Celestial Blessing

By Varler


“Go to the capital?  Do you even know where that is?  It might be better if you just stay in one spot until you get better, you might heal with time.”  Chief Abney makes a logical argument.  “We have a small village, you’re welcome to stay.  There are extra houses, too.”  As he sees it, even though Black Wind is strange, he is still a strong young man.  This type of person is always needed in small villages that rely on manual labor to harvest crops, fish, etc.  And it seems as though Black Wind is a strong fighter too, which could help against bandits in a pinch.

“I thank you for your hospitality, but I feel that I will accomplish nothing by staying here.  I need to experience more first hand.”  Black Wind bluntly turns Chief Abney down, showing that there is no room for discussion.  And although he doesn’t say this, Black Wind also feels some sort of mental pull, telling him to head to the capital.  He realizes that it’s likely related to the dream he had and the odd stone in his forehead, but he doesn’t seem to think that it’s something he needs to be guarded about. Continue reading “Black Wind Chapter 4 – Celestial Blessing”

Black Wind Chapter 4 – Celestial Blessing