Black Wind Chapter 5 – Slaughter

Chapter Five: Slaughter

By Varler

Quickly forgetting what he was about to say to Black Wind, Torben runs outside the forge.  Black Wind and Belgin follow him, wanting to see what the situation is.  Torben turns back to Belgin.  “Belgin, go inside and grab my sword.  Then hide indoors.  You know where to go to stay safe.”  As soon as Torben told her what to do, Belgin quickly ran back into the forge.  “And you, Black Wind, was it?  Do you know how to fight?”

“Yes.”  Black Wind nods and succinctly answers.

“Good, then follow me.  Hopefully these bandits are nothing much.”  With one hand, he grabs the large sword being hauled out by Belgin and starts running towards the source of the screams.  Although Torben is running as fast as he can, to Black Wind they might as well be standing still.  But he follows obediently behind Torben for now, until he knows what the situation is like. Continue reading “Black Wind Chapter 5 – Slaughter”

Black Wind Chapter 5 – Slaughter