Black Wind Chapter 7 – Lost

Chapter Seven: Lost

By Varler


Black Wind retrieves the map he was given by Sage George from his bag and examines it, looking at how he can get to the capital.  Fortunately, it seems that although the capital is some distance away, he should be able to reach it within a days time if he uses full speed.  However, since he doesn’t want to attract attention, he plans to travel at full speed only at night, when it’s unlikely that others will notice him.

As Black Wind is about to head off, however, he hears a soothing female voice in his head, the same voice he last heard when Neath spoke to him.  She says, “You’re not yet ready to go to the capital.  Just because you beat some 2nd rate bandits doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get killed by a first rate magician.  You need to learn more about this world before you’re ready to take on the capital.” Continue reading “Black Wind Chapter 7 – Lost”

Black Wind Chapter 7 – Lost