Update on the Delay

So, my laptop has not been charging which makes it hard for me to write more.  I’m currently using my tablet, but it’s not a good thing for writing long posts with.  I’m working on getting my laptop fixed, after which I’ll be writing more.  I’m not sure exactly when it’ll be, though.  I’ll update this as I find out.

Thanks to everyone for their support, sorry about all the delays recently!


Update on the Delay

25 thoughts on “Update on the Delay

  1. Aravis29 says:

    Did you give up? Or is it taking a while to fix your comp? Writers block? Eh, just curious. You have a decent start that seems to have potential


    1. I need to buy a new laptop, but I’ve been putting it off because it’s sorta expensive…
      So, I will be continuing with it, but only after I’ve resigned myself to my fate… lol.
      Thanks for waiting. 🙂


        1. I’ve started writing a little, but because of the long break it’s taking a while to get back into the rhythm. So although I’ll be continuing it, it may still be a while. 😦


  2. Aravis29 says:

    Life probably happened. That or lack of inspiration… Or money (does that count as life happening?). Hope you get back to writing soon!!!


    1. Aravis29 says:

      Just noticed that I needed an apostrophe on the *novels’* lol… I think this place is the place I’ve commented the most… I guess it’s nostalgia? Or something, haha.

      Anyway, should you ever post anything again, I’ll be back… Sometime…


  3. Aravis29 says:

    Just under 8 months since my last comment. Happened to think about this place. Yeah, I had nothing better to do with my time xD

    Anyway, might be back again… later, hopefully… much much later.


    1. Thanks for still hanging around. I’ve gotten caught up with work and classes since this, so even though I’ve got a new laptop I haven’t been able to find the time or brainpower to devote to writing anything good.
      I’m sure that I’ll keep writing eventually, though, so I hope that you’ll read it then!


      1. Aravis29 says:

        Cool, cool… Wish you luck with finding time and brainpower enough to continue writing 😀 I’ll probably check back in a couple months.


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